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Edu CBA is a global Investment Banking training firm focused on Online Excel VBA, Financial Modeling and Valuation Training. We impart Practical Knowledge, skills and discipline to transform your financial analyst career

Learn financial modeling using excel through our step by step video tutorials. These courses for Investment Banking and Equity Research Training are designed by expert Investment Bankers and Equity Research Analysts.

We provide Industry Mentored Finance internship opportunities to students looking for Investment Banking, Credit Research Project Finance and Financial Modeling Careers. We have an awesome offering of 50+ projects that you can select from.

We provide highly focused result oriented CFA Training and FRM Training course. Training include HD Video Tutorials, Focused Mock Tests, Practice Tests and Revision. Use these guides for full preparation as well as last minute preparation for CFA and FRM.

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Welcome to eduCBA! Take advantage of our free resources, tools, online courses and ebook downloads to enhance your learning in the field of Financial Research.